Winchester 24 Gun Safe Silverado Premier 23-7-E Review

An expert's review of the the Winchester 24 Gun Safe Silverado Premier 23-7-E

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

If you need a gun safe that is able to accommodate a larger number of guns, both rifles and Winchester 24 Gun Safe handguns, then the Winchester 24 Gun Safe is a very good option. It is not the cheapest gun safe on the market, but it does offer a lot of quality and is of a very sturdy build.

Inside the safe you will find a lot of shelving and different compartments when you can store handguns, ammunition, as well as other important documents, jewelry and cash you may be storing in the home. The safe is lined with felt to give it a soft surface to rest the guns and other items on.

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Installing the Winchester 24 Gun Safe

In most cases, the package will be shipped and delivered at the doorstep but getting it inside is totally up to the buyer. It will take around 3 to 4 people to move it since it weighs about 560 pounds. After you find its designated spot within the home, you will not want to move it again anytime soon.

Winchester 24 Gun Safe reviewConfiguring the safe

The locking mechanism is not something new or unusual for a safe. It uses a simple keypad mechanism that will serve to type the access code. Its initial setup should be done using the manual included and can take around 5 minutes to setup the first password.

Security aspects

The door of this massive safe is using a 4-way locking bolt system. Unless the user knows the password there is no other way to open it as the walls are extremely thick and heavy.

Another security feature is the fire protection. While most safes last up to 30 minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, the Winchester has been tested to endure up to an hour at this temperature. This is possible due to the fireboard insertions in the door and walls. The door has 3 layers while the walls have 2.

Additional informationWinchester-24-Gun-Safe-3a

The safe needs batteries to operate. To play it safe, it is recommended to have spare batteries around so that at the moment the ones in the safe begin to reach their end of life they can be changed immediately.

From a storage perspective, the safe does have a rather generous interior space. The manufacturers claim that the safe has enough room for 24 rifles.

The door has an organizer on the inside which can be used to store ammo and even small handguns. Looking inside, the entire interior features convertible space. If required, shelves can be adjusted to host more handguns, ammo and valuable items.

Safe dimensions

There are only a handful of models that can hold so many guns, have thick door and walls, and yet still provide space saving dimensions – 60″ (H) x 28″ (W) x 23″ (D). This brings the value for money ratio at a reasonable level.

It is an expensive safe but it has better protective layers, better security and improved ergonomics and interior space utilization than other models. The Winchester 24 Gun Safe is not for everyone due to its size and price, but for those looking to store a lot of guns and want them protected by a quality safe, then this safe is an excellent option.

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