Stack On 8 Gun Safe Security Plus 8 Gun Review

An expert's review of the Stack On 8 Gun Safe Security Plus 8 Gun

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

If you keep guns at home then you really need a gun safe to keep them locked away. While there are many options available to you, the need to get the right safe for your requirements is essential. The Stack On 8 gun safe caters for those that need a quality safe at an affordable price. It has a minimalistic design, which has been done to keep costs down, but it is still a very strong and sturdy safe.

The Stack On 8 gun safe is aimed towards people that may not have hundreds of dollars to spend on some of the more expensive models on the market. It can hold up to 8 rifles, plus you can store your valuables that you keep in your home.

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Key features of the Stack On 8 gun safe

Installing the safe

The safe itself is light in terms of weight. It is only 51 pounds which makes it easy to move around when compared with other safes that are much heavier. Once delivered, it only needs to be moved in its designate place and that’s all there is to it.

Stack On 8 gun safe

Some users might get concerned by the fact that it is so light and might want to bolt it down to a wall or the floor so it cannot be so easily moved or stolen. This can be done quickly since there are already pre-drilled holes in the bottom and the back of the safe.

Configuring the safe

The Stack On 8 is more of a cabinet rather than a safe but it can work both ways. This means that there is no lock combination or fingerprint to be scanned to open it. The product is locked with a key. If the key is lost, a locksmith’s help will be required. It is also possible to get help from the manufacturers.

Stack On 8 gun safe reviewSecurity features

The only security feature that can be mentioned is its steel construction. Other than that, the gun safe comes with a minimalistic set of features to make it as affordable as possible.

Additional information

The Stack On 8 does not provide the same type of security as a product five times more expensive. It only has a key lock system but it is still very secure. The product seems to be designed for those that do not have high expectations and just want something to store their guns in that does not cost a fortune.

For the price tage, the safe does its job well. It feels solid and robust but lacks any bells and whistles that some of the more expensive safes have. The model does not have any kind of fire protection or insulation. The guns and ammo are not protected from heat, water or humidity.

In terms of interior space, the safe can accommodate up to 8 shotguns or rifles. The removable top shelf ads a bit more functionality by creating an additional storage space for handguns or ammo.

Last but not least, the model comes with pre-drilled mounting holes. As mentioned before, the Stack-On-8-gun-safe-1asafe is rather light in terms of weight and can be moved easily. To prevent that, the safe can be bolted down to the floor or mounted on to a wall to prevent it from being stolen or moved by unauthorized individuals.

Last thoughts on the Stack On 8 gun safe

The Stack On 8 Gun Safe provides a basic solution for gun storage without digging too deep in the pocket. It is probably one of the most affordable firearms storage solutions out there. It is California DOJ-approved, and provides the basic requirements and strength that a gun safe should have. If you are looking for a low-cost gun safe option that is well made, then the Stack On 8 is a good choice.

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