Fort Knox Gun Safe Pistol Box Review

An expert's review of the Fort Knox Gun Safe Pistol Box

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Not everyone owns rifles and yet, most of the gun safes you see are built to accommodate rifles. Fort Knox Gun SafeThe Fort Knox Gun Safe is one of the few models specifically designed for handguns. It is compact in size and can easily be fitted into discreet areas of your home, such as inside your wardrobes or in a cupboard.

The Fort Knox Gun Safe has been designed to provide a very strong and robust holding place for any handguns you have in the home. It is heavy for its size, so it is not something that can easily be ripped off the wall and carried out of the home.

Also, the heavy duty hinged door is tamper resistant, meaning it is very difficult to pry the lid open. It could certainly not be done by the human hand, even if using a crowbar. It would need some pretty industrial equipment to be able to rip this door open!

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A closer look at the Fort Knox Gun Safe

Ease of installation

Such a small safe does not need installation. It just needs to be taken out of the box and that’s it. It can be stored anywhere in a house and can be moved quite easily whenever required. It does not need batteries as it uses a Simplex lock.

Fort Knox Gun Safe reviewEase of configuration

One of the major concerns with gun safes is the idea that someday the batteries might run out, making it nearly impossible to open the safe without changing the batteries. This problem is eliminated from the start with the Fort Knox. The Simplex lock is very easy to setup and almost everyone has used such a locking mechanism at least one since it has been around for decades.

Security features

Sometimes, too many security features can make the safe a bit unpractical. For such a small gun storage box, ease of access and simple design work better rather than going for too many features that will end up not being used anyway. The Fort Knox only has the Simplex lock and nothing more. Whenever it is needed the safe can be opened in just a few seconds.


Additional information

When it comes to safes for small handguns, ease of access is the biggest concern. The guns need to be kept safe and away from children and unauthorized access but it also needs to be easy to use. If an unfortunate event occurs and someone breaks into the house it is reassuring to know that the safe can be opened in a matter of seconds.

It should be noted that there are no additional layers of protection such as fire resisting insulation. In general, there is not that much room for this added security layer. The safe itself needs to be much bigger if this feature were to be added. The Fort Knox is simple and compact. It can only fit around two handguns and 4 to 6 bullet magazines.

The price is a major plus for this product. Anyone who needs to keep safe just a couple of guns Fort-Knox-Gun-Safe-2ashould not pay more than a couple of hundreds of dollars. The price of this particular gun safe is well within the limit of what someone should pay for such a product.

Last thoughts on the Fort Knox Gun Safe

The safe is advertised as one of the strongest in its class. It basically has the exact same wall strength and thickness of the steel like their other much bigger products. Also, it is made entirely in the USA which is a major plus for some potential buyers. Overall, the Fort Knox Gun Safe does not disappoint.

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