Cannon Gun Safe P40 Patriot Series Review

An expert's review of the Cannon Gun Safe P40 Patriot Series

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

The Cannon Gun Safe is a well built model, that has had a lot of attention to detail put into its Cannon Gun Safedesign. Its price tag and set of features make it a high-end product that not everyone can afford. It is a bit more expensive than other models but there are quite a few features that justify the price tag.

The safe is built from a 1 inch thick composite steel door and a 12-guage unibody construction. It has ETL verified fire resistance to provide you with ultimate security, so you can feel confident of keeping any valuables in there, as well as any firearms you have in the house. The matte black color of the Cannon gun safe, with the gold trimming, gives it that added look of quality and robustness.

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Installing the Cannon gun safe

It is never easy to install a 600 pound safe. Just moving it around to its designated place is a pain and will require the help of more than 3 people. Once placed in its spot, the safe will not be moved without any significant force. It does have pre-drilled holes in the bottom and back of the safe, so you can fix it firmly. Other than that, the only thing that needs to be done is to insert the batteries.

Cannon Gun Safe review

Ease of configuration

The gun safe is just as easy to configure as any other safe with a combination lock. It can be done in a couple of minutes and that ends the entire configuration process. The safe also features a key lock system for easier access.

Main security features

Cannon Gun Safe comes with a lot of security features. The firearms stored will be protected by an insulating layer that can protect the interior for 30 minutes when exposed at temperatures that reach 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The door is one inch thick, made completely out of steel.

The walls of the safe are made from 3 layers of extra-hard steel. Its floor has multiple pre-drilled holes that can be used to bolt it down to the floor.

Cannon-Gun-Safe-3aAdditional Information

Cannon made one of the most expensive gun safes destined for domestic and commercial usage. It can fit around 16 to 36 long rifles and a large number of hand guns. This might sound like a lot for a modest household as there are very few people that have so many guns but there are plenty of people that collect guns. For such scenarios, the safe will prove to be an excellent choice for gun collectors.

Every single dollar spent on the safe is well justified by its features. It comes with fire protection, humidity protection and it is almost bulletproof due to its thick walls. This means if anything of value is stored inside, it will be protected even if the house falls down. While the manufacturers do not recommend storing electronics, the safe can be used to protect items of value such as jewelry, coin collections, important documents and guns.

Last thoughts on the Cannon Gun Safe

The Cannon is definitely not a product that will be seen in modest households as it is too big and expensive. For the ones that do not need this much storage space, there are smaller and cheaper models by the same manufacturer.

The Cannon Gun Safe is a high-end safe, that is full of quality design features, and is extremely well made. It is an expensive safe, but you get a lot of storage room and a very good quality product to keep your guns in.

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