BARSKA Biometric Safe Review

An expert's review of the BARSKA Biometric Safe

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

BARSKA Biometric SafeBARSKA is a well known safe manufacturer with quite a few years of experience. The BARSKA Biometric Safe represents their new approach to provide an easier alternative and reduce the risks associated with traditional safes that require either an access code or a key that can be lost or misplaced.

The Quick Access model is compact and easy to use which makes it preferred for use with the general public rather than for commercial usage. It will fit easily into the home and will give you the ability to store your rifles, along with other items such as jewelry, cash and personal documents.

The quality of the design of the BARSKA Biometric Safe will give you a lot of confidence when it comes to the strength and durability of this safe. It is easy to fix this to the wall and floor, and you should do this before you start using at as it is not that big so it could easily be carry out of the home.

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A closer look at the BARSKA Biometric Safe

Ease of installation

The BARSKA comes with all the tools required to get it installed or mounted on a wall. It features BARSKA Biometric Safe reviewthree holes on the back wall to allow it to be mounted and suspended. The holes can also be used to secure the safe and make sure that it will not be moved.

Setup and configuration

Being a biometric safe, it does not come with a generic code or a numeric pad. To set it up all that is required is the push of the internal fingerprint scan and the just pace the desired finger on the reader.

The sensor will generate a sound when the scan is initiated and a double beep when it is completed successfully. This is all it takes to setup. The procedure can be repeated as many times are required as the safe features an internal memory that can store up to 30 different fingerprints.

BARSKA Biometric SafeSecurity features

The fact that the safe has the three holes in the back makes adds even more security. Being lightweight and small, the safe can be transported when required but if there is no need to move it around, the holes can be used to secure it to a wall.

Another security feature is the ability to open the safe using two security keys. If for unknown reasons the sensor stops working or the fingerprint cannot be scanned, the manufacturers made sure that the safe can still be opened. The two keys included can be used in case of an emergency for this exact purpose.

Additional information

The Biometric Safe is about 31 pounds and which is quite low but it can be secured to a wall. However, the interior space suffers  due to its compact size. There is not much room to store large documents.

It seems that the manufacturers designed the safe for jewelry, money and other valuable assets that do not require a lot of storage space. On the other hand, its small and compact size explains the low price tag. It is one of the most affordable biometric safes on the market.

It is also worth mentioning that the safe comes with a one year limited warranty and also requires 4 AA batteries to run but they are not included in the purchase. Regardless of its positive reviews, the product is not perfect. It seems that the initial scanning is not 100% guaranteed to be successful. Sometimes the sensor might not read the fingerprint correctly.

BARSKA-Biometric-Safe-4a               BARSKA-Biometric-Safe-5a

To make sure that the BARSKA Biometric Safe actually records the fingerprint correctly it is advised to test it with the door open using multiple fingers. If everything is OK, only the scanned one will open the safe.

Last thoughts on the BARSKA Biometric Safe

This is a compact safe, so not an ideal choice if you have several guns and other items that you wanted to keep in it. But if you have a revolver and a hand gun then this will give you plenty of storage room, while also providing room for ammunition and other valuables you may keep at home.

The mechanics of the safe work well, and it is easy to configure. Overall, the BARSKA Biometric Safe is a very good quality model and ideal for those that need a more compact size safe for their home.

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