American Security Gun Safe Review

An expert's review of the American Security Gun Safe

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

The American Security Gun Safe is one of those products that serves its purpose very well. Being American Security Gun Safedesigned to be a secure place to keep guns away from others or even collectable arms, the product seems to have a few extra features that make it a good choice for people that keep a gun, or guns at home.

It is a very solid safe with a sturdy and solid design. The thick steel plate door has fire insulation included inside, so any valuables such as documents and cash you may want to keep in the safe will be well protected in the case of a house fire.

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A closer look at the American Security Gun Safe

Ease of installation

For home usage, the safe is pretty heavy. With a weight of 286 pounds, the safe cannot be moved by a single person. Once moved into place it will not be moved again without help. The installation process is actually just a placement of the safe in its spot around the house and then fixing it using the 3 pre-cut anchor holes. All mounting hardware is included, and there is also 1 pre-cut electrical access hole too.

American Security Gun Safe review

All that is left is to program it and store the guns. It is important to know that the safe is relatively skinny. Its size is not exaggerated and it seems that the use of space has been thought out very carefully.

Setup and configuration

Just like all other safes that are destined for domestic use the setup is fairly simple and uncomplicated. The manual provides enough information to configure the combination and once done, opening it will prove to be a very smooth and easy process.

Amsec TF5517 Gun SafeSecurity features

Storing guns in a safe requires some additional security features to protect them from heat, humidity and unauthorized access. The manufacturers went for thick materials. The door itself looks quite heavy but it opens easily.

Inside the door 2 layers of insulating material has been used to protect the guns from fire. The protection is able to take temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes.

The body itself is made of solid steel plates and the only way to open it is to know the combination of the 3-wheel combination lock that comes with a spy-proof dial straight out of the box. Its only downside is that there is no secondary means of opening it in case of emergency when the combination of the lock might be lost or forgotten.

Additional information

American Security invested time and effort to deliver a rather durable safe fit to host quite a number of guns securely. The safe can accommodate around 9 rifles using vertical hangers, 4 to 5 handguns on the top shelf and ammo on the interior side of the door.

It also features an adjustable shelf that can be used to store a few more hand guns or some American-Security-Gun-Safe-3avaluable items or documents. Due to its construction, the safe can also be used to store other items besides guns but that is totally up to the user.

In terms of pricing, the safe is fairly cheaper than others that feature the same storage space and heat protection. Its main advantage is actually the proper use of space. The manufacturers decided to add multiple shelves and make it taller instead of making it wide. Its only downside is the absence of a safety key to unlock it but putting that aside, for the money paid, the American Security Gun Safe does its job better than expected.

Last thoughts on the American Security Gun Safe

The design of this safe has been very well thought through, with great attention to detail in all areas. The quality throughout is also very high. The safe is extremely strong, and the fact that it has fire proofing elements really makes is a very secure safe no matter what happens. The American Security Gun Safe is an excellent option if you are looking for a safe in this price range.

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