Stack On 14 Gun Safe Review

An expert's review and commentary on the Stack On 14 Gun Safe

Gun safes for domestic usage have increased in popularity in the past few years. The Stack On 14 Gun Safe is one of the many options available out there. Being designed for gun storage and ammo, the safe itself comes with multiple features. However, in order to decide if it is really worth the money a closer look is required.

While the main purpose of the Stack On 14 Gun Safe is to lock away your fire arms and ammunition, there is also enough room to lock away other valuable items as well.

An overview of the Stack On gun safes

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A closer look at the Stack On 14 Gun Safe

Stack On 14 Gun SafeEase of installation

The safe itself is 293 pounds. Including the packaging it can go beyond 300 pounds but the biggest downside that such a heavy product is eligible only for curbside delivery. This means that the installation will require the help of an additional person as it is difficult to move around. There are no complicated instructions to install the safe in your home.

All it takes is a place where the safe will be situated. Also, since the safe is so heavy, there is no need to have it bolted down to the floor or a wall. As a final step, the batteries need to be inserted to activate the lock and combination system. Fortunately, the battery bay is conveniently placed right in front of the safe.

Ease of configuration

The configuration of the Stack On 14 Gun Safe is not very different from safes from other brands. This means that the configuration can be done in a couple of minutes to set your desired combination. If by any chance the combination is forgotten, the trouble key can be used to open the safe.

Security featuresStack On 14 Gun Safe review

Stack On worked on adding a heat isolation that can endure temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes.

Another safety feature is the timeout period that occurs whenever the password is entered incorrectly 3 times in a row.

Last but not least, the safe comes with a trouble key. If for any reason the password combination is misplaced or lost the safety key can be used. For some, this might seem like an unnecessary risk factor as the key can be misused if accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Additional information

The safe itself needs normal batteries to run but they are not included in the package. In terms of storage space, the safe features a convertible interior that can be adjusted based on the needs of the customer. According to the manufacturer, 14 rifles or long guns can be stored inside.

Stack-On-14-Gun-Safe-4aSince not everyone actually owns that many guns, it might seem like overkill. This does not mean that the convertible interior space cannot be used to store something else as well. The manufacturers do not recommend the safe to be used to store electronics but it can be used for valuable items like jewelry, cash and documents.

Last thoughts on the Stack On 14 Gun Safe

For its price tag, the safe does offer a significantly larger interior space when compared with other models from the same category. If a line was to be drawn, the Stack On 14 Gun Safe offers decent value for money, mainly due to its ease of use, build quality and storage space.

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